HI, Here is Kamalesh Prasad Srivastava, the founder of ‘DEVA Group’ & having a major Target to deal ‘ A system to systematize the life value, the whole’. 

And scheming all through the MSME (Regd.) unit DEVA Education & Training Center and DEVA Activity Center.

Having gone through my teaching experiences of more than 21 years, I was desirously continued my thinking, ‘The aim of all education- the development on physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social-economic and environmental safety level’; as its the way, but the true figure of it has now to be gone into the wrong in this era. The man himself is faulty of it. The man himself arouse the problem of pollution water, air & earth and now it goes to the way of destiny and by its effect man’s life has become suffocated. As I think, It is a kind of mental pollution. The Govt. is continuously working on the pollution control water, air & earth. In the same regard, Its the prime need to have a sincere approach to remove mental pollution- of human beings.

At by the effect of mental pollution, man’s life has become remain like a leakage pot that contains nothing stable but only the diseases, stress and un happening. Medicines and again and again medicines are not the proper solutions of life saving. As I think, No life system- not the way of progress in an field.

Envolving over  a period of 5 years of Research on how to ‘systematize the Life value, the whole’ I am presenting my this plan to contribute my services as a solution to the nation development that is here under-

The Great Subject :

The aim of all education – National/ World Development.

Our wellness as well as of others.

Always have a positive approach to invite all the Educated for sharing their proficient knowledge for the nation development.

Focus on

Good Education for constructive ideas, helpful in health updates that opens the gate of richer destination.

Life Value Solutions – the Fix Target- For the whole life all progress & Activity.

A system to systematize the “Life Value” the whole.

A journey to ‘Health Update’ richer the destination.

No Life Style – No Life value – No Business – No Sucess.

Weaker Economy 

Weaker Health

The biggest of all business, the way to lead.

To the whole of our destination, We invite the all of you to go through championing- Rural livelihood Advancement 

our solution based plan by our recent channels-

So, come to literally make life and business both sound.

The some specific facilitation-

  1. We prepare a life wellness plan to run up on that for eligibility formation to win the time race. “1st deserve than desire.”
  2. We organize ‘Life Style Reform’ program, webinar and a series of lecture program to the concern and respectively invite all the scholars for their suggestive consent.
  3. We deal a quick start- tailor male ‘business easy’ training program.
  4. We convey a ‘Guardians guidance’ by our needful didactic advices for the family dissimilarity.
  5. Whatsoever the problem arises, have a knowledgeable approach to seek the solution for that.
  6. We have an opinion to our great mission on ‘first deserve than desire’ for creating short term practical training program for employment generation in various fields.
  7. We always have an expert views on what’s the specific things of Kashi (Varanasi) and we try to provide that to the aspirants on their demands.
  8. We are targeting for availing of real products fit at nature level even to the all of general. For our this attempt, we have a plan to circulate all through our camping hat market- best to the rural areas.

Invite all of you to take part in our offer plans.