The Essence of all Education- Life Championing.​

The Essence of all Education- Life Championing.

Workshops on – A system to systematize the life value, the whole.

The Education, as its by the need of today, is being seen demanding only to any how solve our purposes with of no thinking of coming dangers in future. The man has become very selfish in achieving the goal. It seems very difficult to read humans nature because he does his work only for his own and never think ‘Wellness of others’, The fact is this that our work must be justified on the basic level of Education ‘Our wellness as well as of others’. Most of us do work only for achieving the goal not by their choice. In these days, worldly success is the measuring rod of all of our success. Our all relations & friendship are measured by material profit and for  financial gain only. It is seen in our society that we all are habitually applying this type of attitude in our Education. It is not justified for the real aim of education because it is not permanent. To do work is our prime duty because work is worship. To be noble is the prime aim of education. It is demanding for life championing. Estimating over the whole, It is seen that there is the big demand of maintaining the system of life value. The real aim of all education is to make a road where is only the justified thing to do. By our dignity and skillful preparation, we have to contribute our services to make the nation rich. The effect of unjustified work is transitory and its symbolizes our low education.

  As we have recently faced the problems of Corona Viruses and up till now unable in facing the sense of untouchability, which is  in the form of evil concepts of mankind. We have become more attentive now by then. Education is good but unexpected desires is not good. The attack of Corona Virus asserts us to follow the real system of life value. Accept like the same as by its fact through the Education that man has harmed the nature and similarly the nature has harmed the man. Apply our education only to the betterment of the country and life championing.

            The role of education is to solve all the improbabilities of life. It’s our pios duty to think over it. The aim of education is to contribute our services to make the nation rich for blissful life. It’s our evil concepts that we are engaged in changing heaven into hell and hell into heaven. The true aim of education is to reform the society. Man himself is responsible for this either he starts creation or starts his destiny.

            A system to systematize the life value “The whole” is the prime demand of the time. It is essentially essential for the development in all fields.

            Deva Activity Centre is in its continuous process of research for a system to systematize the Life Value the whole.

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