A better understanding to better thinking paves the way

A better understanding to better thinking paves the way of all progress in life.

‘Human brain is creative’ is the gift of God. It’s the Quality of brain power that man collects a large number of images daily and acts for that in this way, Man is the supreme creation of God among all creatures because only the man applies his mind to make the brain fertile. As so, he wants to develop the things as by his own merit, and then he becomes capable to do so. It’s all are the subject of will power of mankind. The role of Education is more demanding to decorate all life needs in a correct manner. It must be on the pattern of our wellness as well as of others.  Everyone has his common requirements; health, wealth and prosperity. We all have not come in this world only to any how spend the whole of life without of no means but to leave our foot-prints for others. Our mother ‘Dharatimata’ recalls us to do something great in life. Awareness to do the right is the subject matter of our Education and a better plan of life championing is the subject matter of concentration of Brain. Activity in life starts with health updating. As it’s known, than a healthy body has a healthy mind. In other words, Sound mind lives in sound body. So, it’s the main in life- ‘health update for the richer destination’. Our Education teaches us that to earn to be rich one is not this for our wellness whatsoever health, wellness and mind may be remain active or not.

The real activity in life means to act for our wellness as well as of others; the great idea in mind comes when we follow the systematic life schedule of living. Our brain inspires us to act upon what we receive from the educational information and we act upon concluding the whole is’, may be called activity. Our determination to lead in all disciplines starts from our attitude. At by this process, we see the days of progress in our life. Balancing of all life activities in our body makes our mind creative. It’s the good to develop a habit to do right work into right time. At by this process, opportunity will knock you upon at your door step. It’s the way of making you a leading one. Our country is big. It has a big population, and  it has a big requirements so our thinking level should be high and great. It is the most essential for justified action in life.

One who does work without of no thinking and without of no planning, becomes failure and the other who applies only thinking and does not act for that becomes failure in life.

Unjustified work may impart you some earning for sometimes but it is not permanent and prestigious, only our justified and prestigious work bring all progress in life and can provide us fruitful result of success.

Only the creative work enchants the people. The nation development depends upon the creative work of our fertile brains. So, our contribution in nation development has an important role.


So, a better understanding to better thinking is the right way of all progress in life.  

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